Natalie Robertson

bulimia recovery coach



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miss lw
“I was suffering from Bulimia and been for over 10 years when I contacted Natalie. I had been locked into a cycle of binging and purging that had completely absorbed my life. I was experiencing the physical damage it causes to your body but also the depressive feelings that accompany it. I had tried various forms of help, counselling, CBT, hypnotherapy. I had also managed to go 18 months with no purging, but once I slipped back into the habit it was worse than ever. I wanted to work with Natalie because I saw that she had been through the same experiences as me and had first hand experience and understanding of what this is. When we spoke I felt like she knew exactly how I was feeling, because she’d lived it too. That also made me more invested in her suggestions and open to trying different ways of tackling it. I also learnt to understand it more and that its not about the food, its about how i’m feeling. Wet set small targets of getting through a couple of days, then weeks and then months and recently I hit a year. My life is completely different now. I don’t lose days to this illness. I don’t shut people out anymore and I feel strong and healthy. It was too hard to overcome on my own. Working with Natalie made me feel like I had someone on my team to help fight with me. I don’t think I’d be in this position now, a year on and clean without her”

“ Prior to working with Natalie, I was feeling overwhelmed by everything happening around me and couldn’t see a clear path through. Our sessions together are lifting that fog of uncertainty, self-doubt and insecurity, making me feel that anything is possible”
Mrs VM
“ I see the future now as one big adventure. So many doors have opened, giving me the knowledge of what is possible, which has allowed me to take life as it comes knowing I will always have possibilities to make it work. while making decisions to consciously work toward my perfect work/life balance”
Miss TV
“ After a life-changing event, I was left questioning a lot. I was so adamant that I needed to find my purpose straight away that I was obsessing over it in an unhealthy way. Then I had a coaching session with Natalie. There is no pressure, no judgement and I am hooked! I am fitter, healthier, and more positive than ever!”
Miss BF